A social campaign for Norway Grants and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Regional Development.


To develop an engaging social campaign that would raise awareness of the projects co-funded by Norway Grants in Poland.


‘Social strongmen’ is a concept of social commitment developed specifically for the campaign.

The stronger should help the weaker, and anyone can be ‘the strongman’; after all, you will always find someone who is weaker than you.

A track and field Champion of the World and a two times silver medal winner in discus throw, Piotr Małachowski agreed to support our idea and lend his authority and image to the campaign.

An athlete with a powerful build, Piotr impersonated the symbolic Social Strongman, reaching out to the weaker ones, children, the elderly and the disabled. The conclusion was simple – anyone can be a Social Strongman.

Follow Piotr Małachowski’s example – help others!

This is not just a message – our campaign helped many people take real action.

Social Strongmen were asked to designate institutions that they thought would need our support. They could also specify the form of backing provided to those grateful addressees. Consequently, we engaged over 200 Social Strongmen across Poland and provided direct support to 64 organizations, including schools, nursing homes, kindergartens and local cultural centres. In a way, we created a nationwide version of the PARTICIPATORY BUDGET.

The campaign also featured actors Bartek Kasprzykowski, Tamara Arciuch and Agnieszka Więdłocha and many journalists attending our unique press conference, during which media representatives contributed to selecting the beneficiaries and joined the efforts to raise funds to support them.

The Social Strongmen have neatly fitted into Eskadra’s mission of delivering social campaigns supporting the growth of Poland’s civic society.

ESKADRA developed and delivered the entire campaign across all media.

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