Test drive X-Class




Development and comprehensive execution of the event for Mercedes-Benz.



Mercedes-Benz is one of the world’s oldest automotive brands, whose vehicles combine original and innovative ideas with fine aesthetics and cutting-edge design.

The client commissioned us to develop and deliver an event for Mercedes-Benz customers. We asked the tutors of the Tomek Kuchar Safe Driving Academy and members of the Mountain Volunteer Search and Rescue Foundation to contribute to the event. The guests attended off-road driving, special workshops, outdoors sessions with members of the Mountain Volunteer Search and Rescue and a show of rescue dog training. One of the main highlights was an opportunity to test Mercedes Class X with a new engine 350d. The attendees could also see Rafał Sonik driving – the Polish race driver who won the Dakar Rally – and explore the picturesque environs of the Olsztyn castle and the Siedlce Desert.


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