An innovative way of implementing the WiseBrand / Open Eyes Economy approach:

MAZDA as a car brand that contributes to the growth of Poland’s Slow Life community.

WiseBrand has nurtured its own culture in collaboration with its participants, and it has done it with great deliberation.  


We wanted to develop and deliver an unconventional social project involving a commercial brand and show MAZDA as a brand evocative of freedom, originality, unmatched beauty and a drive to break with conventions.

We identified essential values of MAZDA users, who essentially co-create the brand.

We sought to become part of their world and deliberately generate a brand culture that would address interests of MAZDA users, who also like the idea of ‘Slow Life’. 




Slow Life is an interesting social trend that gives hard-working people suffering from big-city stress an opportunity to regain living balance. Many Mazda users connect with this movement.

We wanted to help the brand build its real authority in a sincere way as the only thing that wins trust in this realm is genuine commitment.


We explored the idea of Slow Driving: travelling at a leisurely pace, for the joy of it, to find silence, peace, nature and reflection.

This is the idea behind the SLOW ROAD project, a community project, or even a social one.

We figured out that public space offers many places intended as alternatives to chain hotels and fast food venues. They are all unique and original and all share some values – the way they look, their respect for nature, their atmosphere and the SLOW approach.

We decided to connect all those venues with each other as part of a casual network, making up a real leisure alternative to ‘beaching and barbecuing’, activities so popular in Poland.


Slow Road is a weekend and holiday idea that opposes crowds and noise in the SLOW fashion.

From the perspective of people (drivers, travellers, owners of Mazda and other cars), we are building a unique base of original and compelling places (accommodation, food and leisure attractions) that reflect respect for difference. We visit each of them in person and record them with photographs, video and text. The end result is an increasingly complex map of complete itineraries that will make it much easier to plan SLOW trips. Quality places, quality people and quality leisure ideas. That is the community we foster.

To the owners (B&Bs, fine restaurants, cultural centres and other quality attractions), SLOW ROAD is an ally promoting the said venues and recognizing all things that are synonymous of high quality the SLOW way. SLOW ROAD supports valuable projects by addressing them to target groups relevant for their interests, preferable travel seasons and the amount of travelling they do. It is not easy to live off quality tourism away from roads, and we promote and generate this kind of leisure activity.

From the strategic perspective of regional development, we view business owners as role models, epitomes of best practices, with Slow Road being an ideal programme to support the growth of rural areas. It is a hugely difficult process, running a rural business, and Slow Road makes travellers reach those places. SLOW values naturally drive regional growth as they are based on respect for tradition, local food and culture, among other things. We also work with Marshal Offices, Polish Tourist Organisation and Regional Tourism Organizations.

Slow Road rests on efforts of our mobile teams that visit selected places and represent them with photographs and video footage. These records are reviewed by our Jury, which then recommends the best places. Finally, a special team develops presentations including descriptions and advice on recommended hotels, restaurants and artistic studios. They make up the website and items published in social (Facebook, Instagram) and traditional media. When the archipelago of SLOW venues is complete, we will issue the Slow Road Book that will guide the travellers across all 16 regions of Poland. 

Join Slow Road. It is not marketing. It is a lifestyle idea.


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