The Third Global Summit of the Economy of Values


Preparation of a creative concept and visual identification, performance of marketing communication along with media servicing and preparation of a set design, as well as compilation of the project, implementation and publication of the third part of the “Open Eyes Magazine” magazine and a subsequent volume of the “Open Eyes Book.”

The activities above accompanied the third edition of international economic congress Open Eyes Summit, which took place in the ICE Congress Centre in Kraków between the 20th and the 21st of November 2018.


The third edition of Open Eyes Economy Summit was organised this year: an international congress focused on value-based economy. This time, the event was preceded by a series of seminars and conferences in Polish and European cities: Open Eyes Economy on Tour, which took place as part of the accompanying series of events Open Eyes on Tour.

Our creative director, together with Professor Jerzy Hausner and the Programme Council prepared the substantive concept for the third edition of the event. ESKADRA’s activities were conducted on several dimensions. We dealt with the creation, PR and social media, as well as we prepared the outdoor and on-line campaign. Once again, we conducted non-standard promotional activities, for example by preparing the third edition of the “Open Eyes Magazine” and publishing the subsequent volume from the “Open Eyes Book” series. We also took care of the artistic concept and the organisation of the congress.

Our efforts did not go to waste: during this year’s edition at the stage of ICE Kraków Congress Centre, we hosted a number of outstanding persons, including David Černy and Tomáš Sedláček, Robert Biedroń, Jennifer Morgan, Janina Ochojska or Cecylia Malik. The congress attracted 200 speakers and over 2,500 participants.

We would like to invite you to the fourth edition of the event now, which is going to be held on the 19th and the 20th of November 2019 in the ICE Kraków Congress Centre. There will be plenty of novelties!

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