creative servicing, handling communication in social media and cooperation in the area of public relations, including crisis servicing.


The Tatra National Park is one of the largest national parks in Poland. It is visited by several millions of tourists annually. The goals of the Tatra National Park include protection of the ecosystem, performance of educational activities in the area of conscious tourism and taking care of the cultural heritage of the Tatra Mountains. On account of the diversity of undertaken activities, the Tatra National Park is a paragon for other similar organisations.

As part of cooperation with the Tatra National Park, we handle communication in social media, including publication of image-related and information content, moderation of Facebook and Instagram profiles, as well as posting information on Twitter. We also offer PR counselling and design selected key visuals for the campaigns carried out by the Tatra National Park. One of the sample projects is the successful Hokus Krokus activity, promoting responsible mountain tourism.

The purpose of cooperation with the Tatra National Park is enhancing the efficiency of its activities in the area of education and social communication.

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