A nationwide content marketing campaign. A premiere of Mazda CX-3.


An unconventional premiere of Mazda CX-3 on Polish roads.


#PIĘKNEDROGI.PL is a unique video project aimed at discovering and showing 10 most picturesque Polish roads as navigated with the latest Mazda models. The project used the idea of slow driving – driving for pleasure, a pastime more and more popular in Poland, too.

At the core of the project was an online contest, whereby Internet users were asked to come up with some unique itineraries. The best one was shown in the final video.

The outcome of the project included the main video with aerial views of the most beautiful Polish slow driving routes as well as 10 videos from 10 places we visited, including in Bieszczady, Mazury, Małopolska, Dolny Śląsk and Pomorze.

Visit http://www.pieknedrogi.pl/top10 to see the videos.

We also delivered media relations campaigns promoting the #pięknedrogi.pl project and the idea of slow driving. In less than 3 months, we produced some 320 publications for lifestyle, travel and IT media.

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