National Road Safety Council

Let’s Be Safe on the Road 


Preparation of a social campaign pertaining to educational activities for the sake of unprotected road users.



For the needs of the national campaign, Eskadra was responsible for creating two versions of spots: Pedestrian Vs. Driver and Driver Vs. Pedestrian.

The aim of the campaign is to draw attention to threats that result from failure to be careful both by unprotected and motorised road users. The National Road Safety Council and MIB would like to influence the people’s stances by showing how to behave in situations that occur on a daily basis in road traffic. Furthermore, Eskadra has prepared a press conference inaugurating the beginning of the campaign, which was broadcast live via YouTube and Facebook. The campaign has been scheduled for the period between 18 September and 10 December 2017. This is the time when the number of accidents with pedestrians significantly grows. The campaign is broadcast on national and regional television, cinemas, municipal transport, railway stations, Internet and OOH.


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